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Anonymous said: Jayme is an amazing girl, she has such a down to earth, lovely personality! :)

she is, she’s absolutely perfect, to and for me :)


Anonymous said: so u & jayme look cute together and all but do you actually have stuff in common?

I believe I answered that in the last question, but yes we do, not a lot but we both have little things we dont like, like food, and a lot of the movies we like we have in common as well, we’re both naturally blonde, but otherwise we don’t really have a hell of a lot the same, but we’re always finding new things :)


Anonymous said: What do you love about jayme? Like seriously though.. Like the little things that only you would really notice that she does that makes you smile or anything like that? Not obvious things like her smile or anything but is there little things that you just notice and they put a big smile on ur face? (:

everything… I dunno, I love her kisses, the feeling they give me, as well as when I cuddle her :) amazing :) I love how we’re always finding little things we have in common, little petty hates of things, like mushrooms hahaha :) I love how I can make her smile just by smiling, and how she can do the same :)


Anonymous said: Is Jamie a good kisser?!

Jayme*, well the way her kisses make me feel, I’d say she’s good :)


Anonymous said: U would look so frickin hot with a moehawk!!!!!

Yep. Totes.


Anonymous said: Hey um, I would ask you on facebook but youd probably get mad at me, um apparently you used to be gay or you still are, is that true? It's just what I've heard.

no, that was a rumor a certain bitch spread about me first year of high school, that made everyone hate me for like a year.


They damaged my coffee. (Taken with Instagram)
Hi, I’m Ockinyermouth… Mike Ockinyermouth.

If I recall my history correctly, this is the final boss America had to fight in World War II.